Dr. Helfgott is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the psychotherapeutic treatment of a broad range of emotional issues in young adults, adults and older adults. He also conducts domestic partner, pre-marital and marriage counseling. Emotional issues addressed include:

  • All depression and anxiety disorders;
  • Personality disorders;
  • Life transitions;
  • Grief and loss counseling;
  • Counseling for chronic and terminal illness, trauma, and divorce.

Dr. Helfgott also conducts psychological assessments for:

  • Bariatric lap-band and gastric bypass procedures;
  • Fitness-for-duty (criminal justice and civil service);
  • Return-to-work evaluations;
  • Various court-ordered assessments.

Office hours by appointment at the offices of Insight Psychological Group in Westfield, NJ. Please contact Dr. Helfgott for availability.

Dr. David A. Helfgott, Psy.D.


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